Buying a Hoverboard


The hands-free, self balancing electric scooter popularly known as hoverboard is very popular and the demand for these electric scooters is increasing day by day. Hoverboard is one of the most surprising gifts that a person can give to his loved ones. Those who have developed a liking for the hoverboards may think of buying a new hoverboard for their own use. Those who are buying the device for the first time may require to clear their doubts and also to gather more information about hoverboards. Moreover, there are many important aspects about hoverboards that you are not aware of but you should know before purchasing the device.

Where to buy?

It won’t be that easy to buy the hoverboard of your choice from the market at the time of year ending. The major retailers might have cleared their entire stock of hoverboards and they may wait for some time to order for new stocks. The best method to buy hoverboards now is either to purchase online from Amazon or purchase directly from the website of the manufacturer.

Have some idea about the price

A good quality hoverboard will cost not less than $300 and hence it is advisable not to buy hoverboards that are offered for prices less than that. The best quality hoverboards may cost up to $1000 and those below that will have a price range of $500 – $900. Those who want to buy a good hoverboard must be ready to spend not less than $500.

Ensure that you are buying the safest hoverboard

In order to make the price of hoverboards more attractive, low quality batteries are provided by unreliable manufacturers. The low quality battery will overheat and even cause explosions. Hence they are not safe. The hoverboards that are manufactured in China are often of poor quality. In order to ensure safety, those who want to buy new hoverboards should insist for the most popular brands like Swagway, Ninebot, Hovertrax and IO Hawk. It is always advisable not to opt for the brand that is incredibly cheap and also one should not fall in to the trap of highly attractive discounts, special offers, etc.

Riding the hoverboards outside

Prior to buying a hoverboard many people like to confirm that they can enjoy the ride outside. However, this depends on the place where they live. Those in UK can use the hoverboards only indoors or in their own driveway. They are not allowed to ride hoverboards on roads and sidewalks. Hoverboards are not allowed in New York City. In California hoverboards are allowed in bike lanes and pathways provided, the rider is wearing helmet. Many schools, malls and other business places do not allow hoverboards in their premises.

If you want to ride outside go for the best brands

Only the major brands can withstand the hardness of pavements and concrete roads. The Hovertrax boards in general are the best hoverboards for riding outside. While riding these electric scooters outside, the user should ensure that even small quantity of water does not go inside the device. When there is water on the road it is risky to use the hoverboard since it may cause explosion.